• Combining the forefront of different fields of technology

  • Providing a state of the art answer for both new and old problems

  • Deriving from theoretical perfection instead of expanding on the current

  • Applied Concept Technologies

Design and application of new technological concepts

Our Work

Project portfolio

Showcasing both newer and older projects.

Many new projects are in progress, including but not limited to: data aquisision and processing (IOT), voxel 3d printing systems and motorcycle suspension technology combined with tuned flex.


Our skills & specialties

Vacuum Infusion
Carbon fiber

By combining 3D printing with vacuum infusion technology, we are able to manufacture complex composite structures with an unpresidented strength to weight ratio on a small scale.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and control systems

Understanding the fundamentals of mechanical and control systems allowes us to take engineering one step further. Knowledge of state of the art production techniques is essential for developing state of the art products.

Rapid Prototyping
Automotive systems

Due to our broad range of expertise, we specialise in multidisciplinary systems, of which automotive systems are the perfect example. Our capacities translate to a experience ranging from complex calculations concerning hybrid propulsion systems to analysing motorcycle dynamics.

About us

Meet the team

We are a small team and have known eachother for over a decade, enabling us to be efficient, fast, but most importantly, highly adaptable. More valuable than our common engineering background is the difference in specialization. This results in a broad field of expertise and a variety in both knowledge and method.

  • Abel Gerritse
    Abel Gerritse
    Creative Technology Engineer

    Combining mechanical engineering and creative technology gives me a unique insight in the creation of new products. The result is 'tinkering' on a professional level to quickly and reliably make new products.

  • Bob Stöpler
    Bob Stöpler
    Mechatronics Engineer

    I started out in precision mechanics. At an early age I started making carbon fiber products (such as my own bicycle frames). After I got into contact with control systems I started building my own mechatronics projects. After working for several years on Big Data and mechatronics projects for several companies I went back to my roots at EDCO Engineering as Lead Engineer.

  • Koen Overbeek
    Koen Overbeek
    Automotive Engineer

    I am an automotive engineer fascinated with complex multi-variable optimisation problems. I have a high aptitude for perfection and optimization of dynamical systems using mathematical simulations in for instance MATLAB and Simulink. Having both a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science degree I am strong in both the practical and the theoretical domain.

  • Eduart Stigter
    Eduart Stigter
    Light-Weight Engineer

    As a mechanical engineer with lightweight as a speciality I focus on making things move more efficiently. By making things lighter they can move faster. That's the way I like to work.


Our recent developments

  • Autonomous driving feasibility
    Feasiblity of the autonomous vehicle
    April 30, 2016

    The autonomous vehicle, is it doable, and is being doable the only requisite for it being a success?

  • Carbon steer in action
    Carbon handlebar in action!
    March 3, 2014

    The MkI Racing handlebar we developed has been use by Nick Stöpler, who has used it to win the 2012 Dutch Nationals 50km 'NK 50km', and win third place in the 2012 'Zesdaagse van Amsterdam'. Since then the MkII has been developed and is still in use today.

  • Website Act logo
    Our new website is live!
    March 2, 2014

    It has taken a while but the new website is online! Have a look around, more will be coming soon as we compete more projects.


Contact us

We like to create innovative and new things. If you're interested in colaborating with us or a product send us a mail. We'll respond as soon as possible.